For over 30 years, Havenwood has been blessed to share in the lives of more than 500 single parents and over 1,000 children with housing and supportive services by moving them out of crisis and homelessness and into self-sufficiency.  We have been blessed to offer our families a hand UP and not a hand OUT, leading to the beauty of their success. 


One of the most critical components of moving from crisis to self-sufficiency is a safe, stable, and supportive place to live.  Housing resources are critical to Havenwood's program.  Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) for Havenwood residents is possible for those who qualify.  Havenwood also provides individualized case management, parenting classes, and job readiness training for each family.  We do our best provide options for our parents facing transportation obstacles when appropriate.


Havenwood breaks generational cycles by providing a safe place & resources that foster a community where all single mothers in NWA are able to meet the needs of their families.


Empowering single mothers & their children move from crisis to



Havenwood is a two year program designed to help single mothers overcome the barriers in their lives that lead to homelessness while providing transitional housing for them and their children in a supportive environment to help families become economically self-sufficient and transition into permanent housing.


Teamwork, Integrity, Compassion, Accountable, Transformation


The Havenwood building is a 10,560 sq. ft. multilevel building that was originally purposed as a church sanctuary, classrooms, kitchen, and fellowship hall which was completed in 1980. In 1993, the Community Development Corporation of Bentonville/Bella Vista renovated the building into a housing program for single parents.


The building now contains fourteen apartments, a community kitchen, dining area, food pantry, donation closets, playroom, library and computer lab, laundry room, and two common areas.

How We Do It

We believe that if our resident families can be part of the identification of barriers, they can take ownership of their issues and be more willing to identify and follow through with a plan of action to move through the continuum towards self-sufficiency.


Using twelve objectives that are included in our Havenwood Star Case Management program, the case management team and the residenst can assess individual needs and identify resources to assist the resident to move from crisis to self-sufficiency.

Objectives include assessing the following areas:

1. Housing Stability

2. Life Skills

3. Managing Money

4. Employment

5. Support Network

6. Substance Abuse

7. Emotional & Mental Health

8. Physical Health

9. Initiative & Accountability

10. Legal Issues

11. Time Management

12. Education

The Star program provides residents with visual aids showing their progress up the "ladder" in each objective. As barriers are identified, specific goals for each objective are obtained along with corresponding measurable outcomes. The goals will be ranked as required, relevant or preferable. By identifying and rating the goals, the residents will have tangible action steps and deadlines to help them stay accountable and to experience success.